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February 3, 2009

LOTD for February 3

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Iran has apparently launched a satellite…and this new capability means that Iran has the capability to send nuclear bombs (if/when they get them) into Israel and Europe:

The satellite launch by Iran means that an attack may be imminent by Israel on Iran’s nuclear facilities:

It looks like the US will lose its base in Kyrgyzstan, a major problem because that is a key for supplying the troops in Afghanistan:

Robotics engineers at Iowa State are teaching robots how to learn:

The smallest ever planet outside of our solar system has been found–it is only about twice the size of Earth:

Singularity University is opening in Mountain View (at the NASA Ames base), looking to solve the world’s biggest problems:

India unveiled the world’s cheapest laptop–when it comes later this year it will cost between $10 and $20:

New IBM supercomputer called Sequoia will be 15 times faster than the faster computer right now (a Cray supercomputer)–20 petaflops! The Department of Energy will put it at Livermore Labs:

China has found that coal pollution is linked to birth defects. It is good that the Chinese government seems serious about reducing their dependence on coal, which could have a big effect on global pollution. It is sad that it is estimated that coal pollution kills about 750,000 people in China each year:

Cholera cases in Zimbabwe have exceeded the WHO’s worst-case scenario of 60,000. With the collapse of their health care, water, and sewage systems under Mugabe, it will soon be impossible to get this under control in Zimbabwe:

The tech layoffs are a big problem for H-IB holders:

Apple is looking to go after the premium game market that the DS and PSP are in…their App store will sell $20 games for iPhone and iTouch devices:

Toshiba unveiled their new smartphone–this review says it has more power, a better screen, and a slimmer shell than any other phone in the world!

TCU has a great selling point to recruits–4 to 1 female to male ratio! As an Engineering student, the ratio was 5 to 1 or worse the other way! I remember when I entered Stanford graduate school there were about 250 new Electrical Engineering graduate students and only 24 of them were women:

Bryn Mawr has 1300 female students and *1* male student!


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