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February 4, 2009

LOTD for February 4

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Israel’s Ambassador to Australia seems to indicate that the Gaza conflict enabled Israel to prepare for an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities:

Article that states that Al-Qaeda is raping young men and women to shame them into becoming suicide bombers. This type of publicity should really hurt recruiting and support for Al-Qaeda:

Interesting interview discussing the rapid increase of robots on the battlefield:

DARPA is funding a program to create sustainable autonomous robots–no batteries needed and no human control. Terminator flashback…especially disturbing to think that the robots can fuel themselves on dried human flesh. So, these armed autonomous roots can live off of human bodies!

The project has the acronym EATR, which is appropriate for a robot that can fuel itself from grass and flesh:

DARPA is funding a program to locate a Rocket Propelled Grenade *before* it is fired:

Alion was awarded a cost-plus, fixed-fee contract from NAVSEA worth up to $391 mil:

Self-configuring directional antenna technology is designed to significantly extend the range of broadband networks:

NIST researchers have patented a technique to double the service life of concrete:

It looks like the flying car will go on sale next year!

Commentary on the difficult position Motorola is in right now for their cell phone products:

Voice-activated searches is part of the latest update for Android phones:

Garmin and computer maker ASUS have combined to make a new line of smartphones (Garmin-Asus). They are developing phones with different operating systems (Windows Mobile, Linux, Android) and their phone is focused on location-based services (taking advantage of Garmin’s expertise), which should differentiate their phone from the other smartphones:

Congress changed the digital TV “hard date” to June 12:

Running Windows without Admin rights reduces or eliminates 92% of the critical bugs in Windows:

At least 20 portable toilets have been set on fire in San Francisco since November:

ESPN is creating a sports-themed high school in New York City that focuses on the business side of sports:


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