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February 5, 2009

LOTD for February 5

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The companies involved in the peanut recall have been suspended from doing business with the federal government:

Nanotechnology sand could reduce the amount of water needed for desert plants and helps them grow better:

UAV combat flights were up 94% last year as our military continues to increase its use of UAVs in Afghanistan and Iraq:

The House approved the creation of a White List for people who are flagged at airports for being terrorists even though they are not terrorists:

Congress is trying to get tougher food safety laws, particularly because of this peanut problem and the pet food problem in 2007:

A huge dam in China may have triggered a massive earthquake (and made the earthquake stronger than it otherwise would have been), resulting in 70,000 deaths and leaving 5 million people homeless:

Study found that suspects were 6x more likely to have sudden deaths whlie in custody during the first year that California issued tasers to police officers:

80% of medical research funding goes for 3 diseases, which means that a lot of other serious diseases do not have much funding to search for cures or treatment:$-2.5-billion-but-big-killer-diseases-miss-out.cfm

Losing the Kyrgyzstan Air Base could really hamper the war effort in Afghanistan:

It is amazing to me that the Pentagon employs 27,000 people for recruiting, advertising, and public relations…about as many people as we have in the State Department!

Google’s Latitude makes it easy to spy on children or workers, though they did make it easy to turn the tracking off:

Google’s influence has been increasing as the Obama Administration forms its tech initiatives:

Time Warner is cutting 1,250 jobs but says that they will launch WiMAX in at least one city this year:

IBM just posted strong financial results but is still laying off workers…and they actually sent out a memo to the laid off workers saying that they could take a job in India, China, Brazil, Russia, and some third world countries at the local pay rates (much less than what they made in the US). Some IBM workers have these options: move to another country for a much lower-paying job (and they will lose their severance package from IBM), move within the US at their own expense if IBM has a need elsewhere for their skills, or be fired and lose their severance package!

Verizon is launching a buy-one-get-one-free sale starting tomorrow on all BlackBerry phones! I ended up paying just $99 for my Storm, so I’m not upset about this sale…but I bet a lot of people now wish they hadn’t bought the Storm when it first came out!

Analyst says that Amazon’s Kindle will be a $1.2 billion business by 2010:

68-year-old Korean woman has failed her driving test *771* times but she says that she will not give up. She has been taking the test basically every work day since 2005! If she ever has a great day and passes the test…is a 68-year-old woman who failed her driving test that many times really going to be safe to be on the road?

9-year-old boy in Singapore designs and write iPhone applications–he learned computer programming when he was 7 and he already knows 7 languages:

Man called 911 because he felt like he was in danger, then he put the 911 operator on hold to make a drug deal!

Man slept while a woman carved her name in his arm!

Story about a 7-year-old golfing prodigy…3 years ago (when he was 4!) his family moved from Chicago to Las Vegas so he could golf year-around (just about every day). His parents have spent over $20k on lessons for him and he’s just in the first grade!

The Parent Forum that Lori subscribes to has been quite upset over the past week about how the San Diego Zoo is limiting the outside food brought into the Zoo and Wild Animal Park. The controversy got so big that it was on the front page of today’s local paper:


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