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February 6, 2009

LOTD for February 6

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An effort in Congress to reduce Obama’s stimulus package really cuts the boost that Obama is trying to give R&D in the US…they cut ALL of NSF’s $1.4 billion, ALL of the Department of Energy’s Office of Science increase, etc.
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If global warming causes the West Antarctic ice sheet to melt, it turns out that sea levels will rise unevenly. Instead of spreading the water evenly, the sea level will rise around the Indian Ocean and North America…Washington, DC, South Florida, and other places in the US could end up underwater!

Items in FEMA food kits distributed to evacuees in Kentucky may contain the salmonella-tainted peanut butter:

It sounds like we are going to have to cut a deal with Islam Karimov, Uzbekistan’s dictator, now that we cannot use Kyrgyzstan’s base for our Afghanistan operations:

Broadcom’s multichip radio now works with the Android platform, reducing 3 chips (WiFi, FM, Bluetooth) into 1. The iPhone has separate chips for WiFi and Bluetooth and no FM chip. This will allow Android phones to get smaller and cheaper:

Orange lost its lawsuit to try to get back its exclusive deal for the iPhone in France:

Woman was shocked when she found out that her husband of 6 years was ending their marriage when he changed his Facebook status:

People in London can now send text messages to the police about non-emergency situations:

Blackwater is now offering weapons training to pro athletes:

Wisconsin high school student apparently pretended to be a high school girl on Facebook to get boys at his high school to send naked photos of themselves…which the boy then used to blackmail his classmates for sex:


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