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February 8, 2009

LOTD for February 8

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Phoenix boy thought that he was having sex with a cheerleader from his high school…but when the lights went on he realized that he was actually with a 49-year-old teacher from his school! Her defense to the police was that she was trying to stop the boy from having sex with his girlfriend, her 14-year-old goddaughter:

Commercially available grape seed extract forces leukemia cells to commit suicide and they show potential for cancer treatment:

Tiny motor allows a robot to swim through human blood vessels. They want to put a camera on this robot soon and the long-term plan is to enable the nanorobot to perform surgeries on the brain and other difficult-to-reach places:
article link

10-year-old boy from Glendale, CA, threw his stuffed animal over a guardrail during a tantrum and his parents ended up 80 feet down the hill when they went after it. Firefighters rescued them and informed them about how lucky they were…I still can’t believe they went after the stuffed animal!

Study found that women are biologically less able to suppress hunger than men:

The weak economy has been great for McDonald’s–their profit was better than expected and they plan to 1,000 new restaurants this year:

One positive sector in the stock market is education stocks–the tough job market is sending people back to school:


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