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February 10, 2009

LOTD for February 10

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Energy-harvesting shock absorbers could boost gas mileage by 10%, which would be great for military and civilian use:

The stimulus package supports biomedical R&D much more than physics and engineering R&D…NIH gets $6.5 billion for biomedical research while NSF gets $1.2 billion and the DoE’s Office of Science got just $300 million:

Analysis of Iran’s satellite launch appears to indicate that Iran’s space program and rocket capabilities are more advanced than people had thought:

Strict standards have been set for companies that get bailout funds and want to hire H-IB workers:

Pennsylvania official talks about the M/A-COM and New York problem and why things are different between M/A-COM and Pennsylvania:

Ohio teenager tried to order $37,000 in candy and have it charged to his former high school:

I personally think that it is horrible that a single mother would get $490 in food stamps every month and get disability payments on 3 of her 6 kids…and decide to pay $10k or so for an in-vitro procedure which resulted in her having 8 more kids! She was already on food stamps with 6 kids and now has 14 kids?

Even in this weak economy, 80% of consumers buy green products and services despite how they can have higher cost:

Florida man got more than 50 traffic citations in one day! He’s lucky that nobody was hurt by his reckless driving, though his car is probably in bad shape after flipping over:


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