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February 11, 2009

LOTD for February 11

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Two satellites collided in space! The 600+ pieces of debris that resulted could be a big problem for the other satellites in the area:

The Taliban unleashed a Mumbai-style attack in Kabul that shows that the Taliban’s power has been growing and the Afghan government’s hold on power is in jeopardy:

Petroleum-based plastics may soon be replaced by nonpolluting, renewable plastic made from plants. Not only would this reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our dependency on foreign oil, but it would be a great new cash crop for farmers. I’m amazed that plants could be used to grow plastics!

Prediction that every child born 10 years from now will have its genetic code mapped at birth, which means that conditions like diabetes and heart disease could be predicted and prevented:

China has found an unusual type of bird flu that infects humans but not birds! 8 people have been affected and 5 have died despite the birds being apparently unaffected by the disease:

Article explaining how the announced tech layoffs haven’t necessarily resulted in people actually losing jobs and how the tech sector’s job market isn’t in as bad a shape as people think. Interesting that the announced numbers for tech layoffs includes positions that were vacant and positions that companies had planned to hire someone for…in both cases, nobody lost a job despite the “layoff”:

Lego is releasing fully-functional devices that appear to be built out of Legos–Lego phone, Lego camera, etc.:

Solar powered digital billboards use light-reflecting digital ink instead of LEDs:

Sirius XM appears headed for bankruptcy:

Facebook is growing faster than MySpace and could pass it this year in the US:

Texas authorities seized 22 dogs that were crammed into a station wagon with their owner:

More than 100 animals were seized from an apartment in Buffalo:

Retired math teacher in Oregon found $200k in his basement and spent years tracking down who it belonged to. He eventually found a grandson of the man who the money belonged to, and shocked him with the news:


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