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February 12, 2009

LOTD for February 12

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This LOTD is early today because I had a mandatory webinar today that was actually a repeat of a webinar I had 6 months ago…the customer required me to log in and listen to the webinar, so I had lots of time to find links.

We may have a chain of space collisions now because the debris is in the path of a lot of other satellites, especially the other 65 Iridium satellites. Two tons of space junk moving extremely quickly is a pretty bad scenario for spacecraft in the area:

Cotton candy is actually being used to help scientists grow replacement tissue for people!

Radio waves might be able to help detect breast cancer early, even when the tumors are as small as 2 millimeters! It is also great that the devices will be cheap and portable, which will make this technology get adopted quicker once trials are completed and the systems are able to adapt to the problems pointed out in the trials:

10 Megawatt-class wind turbines are being analyzed, with these next-generation systems weighing just 120 metric tons–much less than the current 300 metric ton wind turbines:

Executive caught embezzling in China was sentenced to death…quite a contrast with the country club jails in the US.{75598367-52B9-4AC4-84F4-A5274DB09937}

Despite Clearwire saying that they need $2 bil more in capital to build out their network, Intel says that Clearwire has enough capital right now. In other words, Intel isn’t going to provide anymore capital to Clearwire for WiMAX for quite some time:{C86032AC-D10C-416E-A957-5D9BD1B497BC}&dist=msr_18

Intel downplayed the struggles of WiMAX in the US by mentioning that WiMAX is doing well in other countries:

More than 20 telecom operators around the world have committed to LTE:

Ericsson says that HSPA and LTE will dominate the market by 2012:

Four billion cell phones are in use in the world now! It took from 1979 to 2002 to reach 1 billion mobile phones, with the 2 billion mark reached in 2005 and the 3 billion mark reached in 2007:

The One Laptop Per Child project was supposed to come up with $100 laptops, but the price for it has actually rose twice in the past year and it is now up to $204!

SUV driver in Queens hit a pedestrian, and then a van driver hit the pedestrian again and dragged the pedestrian for over an hour before other motorists finally flagged him down. While dragging the body the van driver thought he smelled something burning and actually stopped to check his car, but even then he didn’t notice the body he was dragging!

Salma Hayek breastfed a hungry one-week-old boy in Sierra Leone whose mother had run out of milk:


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