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February 13, 2009

LOTD for February 13

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A common plant virus has been adapted to deliver drugs only to specific cells in the human body. This would result in much more effective chemotherapy treatments and possibly eliminate all the side effects of chemo!

Most people think that diamonds are the hardest material on Earth, but scientists have found 2 materials stronger than diamonds. Lonsdaleite is 58% stronger than diamonds!

Hamsters can be turned into mini-power plants when equipped with these power-generating jackets. The same technology can make electricity from tapping a finger…so, BlackBerry and other smartphone users would generate a lot of power by using their phones!

It appears that it is now possible to clone humans and to bring back the Woolly Mammoth, Saber-Tooth Cars and Neanderthal from the Pleistocene epoch:

Bionic body armor may make it possible for soldiers to dodge bullets!

Controversy over Sen. Feinstein’s statement that US UAVs that have been conducting bombing runs in Pakistan (targeting militants, but there have been some unfortunate civilian casualties) have been flying out of bases in Pakistan. This could complicate matters for Obama’s negotiations with Pakistan:

US military laptops with sensitive (and possibly classified) information are on sale in Peshawar markets. One of these laptops was purchased by a security website and they found identities of US military personnel and weaknesses and flaws in US military vehicles used in the war in Afghanistan…not information:we want to be on sale in an area where militants operate against US troops:

The Director of National Intelligence says that the global economic problems has passed terrorism to become the most urgent threat against the US:

There is a big controversy over how Human Terrain Contractors will be changed to government employees–one linguist’s pay will go from $270,000 to $91,000 and he’s not happy! It does sound like the new rules in Iraq will prevent them from being contractors anyway…and government linguists do not make $270k per year!

UAVs are best suited for some missions and manned aircraft are best suited for others…MI5 might actually start using manned UAVs for some spying missions:

The NSA is offering billions to anyone who can eavesdrop on Skype users:

Flying stretcher can keep a medic and four patients in the air for hours. The MEAV is a combination of a car and a helicopter and can take off in areas too tight for regular helicopters to operate:

Samsung and LG are demonstrating their solar-powered phones. Samsung’s solar-powered phone is made from recycled water bottles!

More info on Samsung’s solar-powered phone:

AT&T is trying to push all of their cellular customers to go from 2G to 3G phones, hoping that the 3G phones will get them to buy data plans:

Microsoft is going to open their own stores, just like how Apple has stores:

When Microsoft outbid Google for a stake in Facebook, Microsoft valued Facebook at $15 billion. I remember a ton of articles that came out then that stated that Microsoft overpaid and overvalued Facebook…it turns out that Facebook’s valuation of itself is just $3.7 billion!

It sounds like Microsoft isn’t going to let users that buy computers with Windows 7 on it to downgrade (is it really a downgrade when consumers pay extra to have their computers come with XP?) to XP. Despite the demand by consumers, Microsoft wants to eventually stop having XP installed on new computers:

Florida man forgot to fill up his gas tank before he robbed a gas station…so the police caught him when he ran out of gas trying to get away!

Indiana bill would require calorie information to be included on menus:

13-year-old boy (if you check out the article, he looks about 9 years old in the photos) is now a father. Seriously, if you look at his photo, there are boys in Faith’s Kindergarten class that look to be his age!


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