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February 18, 2009

LOTD for February 18

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As a former professor, this study was very interesting to me…students who watched a podcast actually scored better (a whole letter grade better!) on a test than students who attended the lecture!

Iran will apparently be able to have nuclear weapons in a year, so they are extremely worried that Israel will target their facilities for bombing within the next year. Iran is trying to get advanced anti-aircraft missiles from Russia, but so far the Russian government hasn’t ratified the sale:

UCLA professors tried to figure out where Bin Laden is hiding (they narrowed it down to 3 buildings!), but their assumptions seem to make their prediction quite suspect:

US Customs and Border Protection is starting to use UAVs to patrol the US/Canada border:

The Air Force is cutting off the Internet connections to bases that don’t comply with strict network security rules:

Japan’s huge new H-2B rocket is expected to bring 6 tons of supplies per year to the space station as well as launch commercial satellites:

The US passed Germany last year to become #1 for wind power generation, and the wind power industry is responsible for 85,000 jobs in the US:

Study found that ethanol plants are risky and do not provide much of a boost to local economies. The drop in gas prices but lack of drop in corn prices put a lot of ethanol plants in bankruptcy:

Verizon’s CTO revealed that they have selected Alcatel-Lucent and Ericsson as their LTE hardware vendors, and discussed Verizon’s plans for LTE:

Nortel and Motorola were the biggest losers in the LTE selection process by Verizon, with doubts now on their wireless hardware futures:

Google had more than 1 million people sign up for their Latitude service in itse first week!

Woman is suing Microsoft over being forced to pay to downgrade to XP:

Five major newspapers in New York and New Jersey signed an agreement to share content:

California residents can get a free $2 Subway gift card by going to:

Going by vacancy rates, Las Vegas is the emptiest city in the US, with Detroit #2:

Woman saw a man breaking into a co-worker’s car, chased him down, and gave him a wedgie to subdue him until the police came:

Apple has rejected the South Park iPhone Application:

First-time home buyers get a $8000 tax credit (not a deduction, this is a credit!) if they buy a home before December 1 of this year…and that $8000 does not need to be paid back!


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