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February 19, 2009

LOTD for February 19

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Spending on UAVs is expected to total over $62 billion over the next 10 years, with annual spending doubling over the next decade:

Article about the base in Pakistan the US is using to launch UAVs:

Iran claims that it has developed a long-distance UAV that can reach Israel:

The Air Force is adding the “Gorgon Stare” to its Reaper UAV–the $15 million sensor covers a 4km radius and can simultaneously look at 12 different angles due to its 12 cameras:

The 1.8 Gigapixel camera that DARPA is developing for the special forces has 92 cameras on the UAV:

The latest TSA airport security measure is a device that is supposed to sense hostile *intentions* in people. Instead of scanning baggage the device will scan emotional baggage:

Calculations show that the rocket Iran used was more advanced than had been thought–Iran now apparently has the launch capability to deliver nuclear warheads to Europe:

Google Earth shows US UAVs at Pakistani bases:

Normally this data from NASA satellites would be ignored, but these scientists studied the ocean images and found oil:

Study found that these new solar cell materials could significantly reduce the cost of solar photovoltaics, potentially leading to widespread adoption of solar power:

Article on how the economic downturn has hurt WiMAX deployments:

Article on how to use an iPhone as a wireless laptop modem:

Windows 7 beta testers are complaining that Microsoft is ignoring their feedback and this article concludes that it is being rushed to market without adequate testing or even acknowledgement of beta tester feedback:

The mother of the octuplets lives at her mother’s home, but they apparently couldn’t afford to support her 6 kids (that isn’t counting the 8 more she just had!) because the house may be in foreclosure. The 33-year-old Mom couldn’t afford a home of her own AND has been relying on food stamps and Social Security payments for her kids…but she spent $100k on fertility treatments to get her 14 kids!

German man was arrested for trying to smuggle *40 tons* of coral harvested off the coast of the Philippines into the port at Portland:

If anyone reading this watches the Bachelor (I have never seen an episode), there are some major spoilers in this article!


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