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February 20, 2009

LOTD for February 20

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It was thought that it would take a year or so for Iran to enrich enough uranium for a bomb…but it turns out that they already have a stockpile of enough uranium for a nuclear bomb!

An estimated 25% of Americans suffer from food poisoning each year!

Researchers have found a way to turn a relatively benign virus into a technique that completely cured human cystic fibrosis lung tissue in culture. If animal trials go well, this could potentially be the cure for cystic fibrosis that so many have dreamed of:

Chinese auto company wants to be the world’s leader in electric cars:

This new solar concentrator technology is targeting to get to less than $1 per watt by 2011 (2x to 3x cheaper than current solar options) and close to 30% efficiency (50% better than most current options):

Trials have begun for these new flexible, organic solar cells that can be printed like money! A banknote printing company is printing the solar cells for the trials:

Sprint’s stock rose sharply yesterday after the news came out that they will have the Palm Pre exclusively at least through 2009:

Comcast’s 4Q profit was way down due to their write-down on their Clearwire investment:

Gov. Palin owes taxes on the $18k or so she charged the state of Alaska for living in her home:

I guess Pres. Obama likes the Brickbreaker game that comes with Blackberry phones:

Free pancakes at IHOP from 7am to 10pm on Tuesday! They are raising money for Children’s Hospitals, so there will be donation jars set out…we like supporting Children’s Hospitals anyway, so this gives us a great way to send in our donation:


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