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February 22, 2009

LOTD for February 21

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The Fermi telescope discovered the biggest ever gamma ray burst ever detected:

Prisoner with a history of mental illness used a razor blade to try to castrate himself:

This is a great story about sportsmanship in a high school basketball game:

It is nice to read that the Nerds at Heart dating service in Chicago is finding matches:,CST-FTR-find09.article

PhD student sued his school (Leeds University) because two years ago they accidentally threw away the 77-pound bag of lizard dung that he had been collecting for his PhD thesis. He’s already completed his thesis, but he’s upset at the small amount of money he was offered as compensation for them throwing away that 77-pound bag of Butaan lizard dung:

A virus swept through Chile’s farmed salmon stock last year, killing millions of salmon. A closer look at the industry found that Chilean producers use 3 chemicals on their salmon that are supposed to be banned in the US. The farmed fish from Chile are sold in a lot of US stores, including Safeway:

Honor student in a Colorado high school didn’t realize that she had had 3 fake rifles (used by her young Marines drill team) in her trunk. She parked her SUV on campus, violating a Colorado law (passed after the Columbine tragedy) that calls for expulsion if any student brings anything on campus that resembles a firearm (even a water pistol can get you kicked out of school!):

Thankfully the school superintendent decided to overlook the law and let her go back to school. I think that by then the student had been suspended for 10 days, but at least she can finish the school year and graduate:


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