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February 23, 2009

LOTD for February 22

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Really cool story about how these guys met Shaq because they followed him on Twitter. It is awesome that he was so nice to them, and that he tipped his waiter $200. For anyone who doesn’t know, the Google phone referred to in this post means that Shaq has a G1 phone:

Amazing story about how a high school team won the championship a year after 7 of their players died in a car accident. The only crash survivor from that team scored 25 points in the championship game, won the game MVP, and wore the number 7 in honor of his late friend:

Employees are more likely to steal from their employers when times are tough…but I cannot believe how a man would steal 32 laptops from his company and put them on eBay! Or a VP charging $4000 of Victoria’s Secret lingerie (not for his wife) to his corporate credit card!

The Honda Civic GX (which runs on natural gas) was named the greenest car in America, with the Prius coming in second:

Pretty amazing that this prehistoric whale apparently lived in the water but gave birth on land:

The first step towards Star Trek-type transporters was achieved when quantum mechanics was used to transport atoms from one spot to another, using the principle of entanglement. This can’t be used on people yet because people have too many atoms to keep track of for now…but since they can do it for atoms now, I’m sure they will work on expanding the capabilities quickly and it will be interesting to see what they can come up with in the future! Of course, their current technique fails most of the time, so they have to get that success rate up before they can use it on anything living!

This seems like a great alternative to gastric bypass surgery–the “gastric condom” avoids any surgery at all…it is inserted in the mouth and get into the stomach. Once there, it reduces the amount of nutrients that the body can absorb, so the body takes in less calories even though the person doesn’t change his/her eating habits! It can be removed in just 10 minutes by tugging on a drawstring! It has already been shown to work in rats and in a trial with 150 people…it rapidly reverses type II diabetes, even before the rapid weight loss takes place. If the more extensive human trial is successful, this can literally change the lives of a lot of people, providing a much cheaper, surgery-free alternative to gastric bypass surgery:

Study found that all the experiences a mother has, even as a child, affects the biology of her offspring. Events that occur decades before a mother gives birth can affect her kids for their entire lives!

Study (of 4,100 healthy non-depressed adolescents) found that each hour per day that a teenager watches TV has a statistically significant greater likelihood of developing depression in young adulthood:


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