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February 23, 2009

LOTD for February 23

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Quiznos is giving away a million subs–just go to this link and sign up for a coupon for a free sub. No purchase necessary, just print out the coupon!

Nuclear waste is piling up at US hospitals. Without a way to track and inspect the multitude of locations that have nuclear waste, they are worried that the containers with nuclear waste will accidentally or on purpose show up on eBay, flea markets, or be sent to landfills or metal recycling plants. We currently have millions of radioactive devices in use with no long-term plan to dispose of them…in the past 10 years, 4,363 radioactive sources have been lost, stolen or abandoned:

Another person in Vietnam died of the bird flu–10 provinces in Vietnam now have bird flu outbreaks:

The good news is that scientists might have found a treatment that works against the bird flu *and* most strains of the seasonal flu! They hope to make a vaccine that prevents the bird flu and the regular strains of the flu…no more annual flu shots! All virus strains have the peptide machinery, so if a vaccine can target that then it could eliminate all viruses!

Half of the vehicles in the Future Combat System may be cut:

Instead of outsourcing these IT jobs overseas, IBM is opening a center in Iowa–taking advantage of the lower salaries for programmers and other professionals there (average salary will be in mid-$40k range):

Republicans are pushing a bill to force all internet providers and WiFi access point providers (even coffee shops and home users!) to keep records about user’s web surfing for two years! Every home with a WiFi access point, even those that have password protection? Every hotel? How are they going to make that feasible for users that barely can install plug-and-play APs? Some Democrats tried this 3 years ago, so this bill unfortunately has support from elements of both parties…the idea might be nice in theory, but in practice it would raise costs significantly and possibly end free WiFi from coffee shops and other locations and turn millions of citizens with WiFi APs into criminals:

IEEE 802.11v should be finalized next year, but if current products cannot be upgraded to support it then it will be a long time before enterprise network managers will be able to fully utilize its capabilities:

Telstra is the first mobile operator to be able to offer mobile broadband speeds that can hit 21 Mbps, via HSPA+. The Australian company will hit 42 Mbps by next year:

Commentary discussing the IP battles that are expected to take place over LTE, as so many companies have patents relating to LTE:

One reason that Nortel is in financial trouble right now–they bought Alteon for $7.8 billion for its network application delivery product and have to sell it now for just $17.65 million!

Huawei’s Android-based smartphone is coming to T-Mobile in the 3Q of this year:

LG has a watch phone that is waterproof and is HSPA-enabled with a touchscreen, bluetooth headset, and video calling:

It had been expected that WiMAX would be used for fixed broadband access for rural customers in the US…but CenturyTel will be covering them with LTE instead:

Facebook is trying to figure out how to make money and may start a tax or revenue sharing with Facebook application companies soon:

14-year-old girl was arrested when she refused to stop text messaging in her math class. I hate that students are text messaging in class now, but don’t see why the police had to be called in–couldn’t standard discipline be used? The student was suspended from school for a week and was caught sneaking into school twice during the suspension:

Be careful when using your cell phone or wireless card to surf the web when when you are docked on a cruise ship, even if you are at a US port! This guy was on a cruise ship that was docked in Miami and watched a Chicago Bears game before they set sail, where his AT&T phone wasn’t even in roaming mode…and AT&T hit him with a $27,789 bill for that wireless session!

Royal Caribbean has the only mega-ship stationed on the West Coast, offering 7-day cruises to Mexico. This ship has 50% more rooms than any other ship in the West Coast, which means that they have a lot of rooms to sell and hopefully there will be great cruise deals!

This guy went on that mega-ship and blogged about it with some nice photos:


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