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February 25, 2009

LOTD for February 25

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The foundation for a quantum computer has been demonstrated, the central element of a two-atom CNOT quantum logic gate:

The crash of this satellite really hurts NASA’s ability to monitor Earth and its environment:

Two compounds have been found that protect against cerebral palsy:

Metamaterials have reached the terahertz range:

Using four antennas in a random configuration can boost communications for first responders. I’ve actually studied similar things to this before at Texas elsewhere, but didn’t have the over-the-air results like they have here:

The future looks good for independent research–many areas of R&D see bipartisan support for increased funding:

The Army Corps of Engineers has found 114 more levees (in 16 states) that fail maintenance inspections, with such poor conditions that it can be “reasonably forseen” that the levees will not perform properly in a major flood. Thousands of levees in the US do not have any federal oversight, so the problem is probably much worse than this already scary report details:

Iran is really determined to get nuclear bombs…in addition to their uranium path to nuclear bombs, they have just opened a plutonium reactor that could give them a plutonium path to a nuclear bomb:

Toyota is planning to build an ultralight, superefficient plug-in hybrid with a body made of seaweed:

Microsoft blames netbooks for its reduced sales of Windows. Linux has 30% of the netbook market, and those users also don’t buy Office, so that is a big problem for Microsoft:

The rapid increase in the use of smartphones coincides with the rapid increase in malware targeted for smartphones:

Search marketing spending is expected to increase significantly in times of recession–advertising dollars apparently get their best bang-for-the-buck there:

Nice use of technology in Fresno to help avoid auto accidents in foggy conditions:

Three teenagers stole a safe containing antique money from one of their parents. They were caught when one of them tried to exchange a $1,000 bill…since $1,000 bills haven’t been printed since 1945, the bank figured out something was up:

The host of the TV show Amazing Race is cycling across the country to promote healthy living and call attention to MS. He plans to average 100 miles per day and hopes that people join him on his route:

Orlando man impersonated a police officer, pulled someone over for speeding, and then called the police for backup:,0,7709319.story


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  1. Nice info! Very cool post.I have looked over your blog a few times and I love it.

    Comment by Loans — February 26, 2009 @ 12:20 pm

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