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February 26, 2009

LOTD for February 26

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The Obama Administration released the outline of their FY 2010 budget for the DoD:

They appear to have found the location of a genetic material needed to cure MS! It is awesome that they have finally found the genetic material that can fully restore all the functions required for correcting a dystrophic muscle and turning it into a normal muscle!

Inexpensive, mass-produced solar cells made from plastics would have a chance to accelerate solar adoption worldwide:

Solar companies had been really hurt by the weak economy, but the stimulus package gives them hope for their future:

This could become a serious problem for intelligence agencies: encrypted VoIP:

This surprised me–most hacking of websites is due to political or cultural reasons instead of financial gain:

I’m surprised that the top-selling handset in December was *not* the iPhone or the BlackBerry Storm…instead, it was the BlackBerry Curve!

Nokia is planning to release a Linux-based laptop in 2011. The article also has very interesting information for Android:

HDTV via WiFi in a home is coming this year:

The 802.11n standard will finally be ratified in 2010:

This software really goes after people who steal laptops:

The NBA borrowed $200 million because 15 of its teams needed loans due to current economic conditions:

Nice story about parents working to make sure that their kids keep up with school. I love how the writer’s 7-year-old asked for a dog and he told her that she could have a dog when she published a paper in a peer-reviewed journal! Father and daughter worked together and 2+ years later they were able to get their dog:

Denver man was seriously injured when he pushed 3 people out of the way of a truck, possibly saving their lives. Instead of publicly celebrating his sacrifice, they gave him a jaywalking ticket! Couldn’t they have at least waited until he got out of the hospital before giving him the ticket?

The Rocky Mountain News was put up for sale in December, but since no buyer came forward they all of a sudden announced that they were folding and their last paper will come out tomorrow!


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