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February 28, 2009

LOTD for February 27

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The former head of the Coalition forces in Afghanistan says that the Afghanistan war could continue until 2025:

Withdrawing our troops from Iraq is huge logistics problem, especially considering all of the equipment our troops have in Iraq:

This report about how a lot of equipment will be left in Iraq for the soldiers who will remain indicates that the logistical problem won’t be as bad as thought:

A Pakistani colonel was apparently involved with the Mumbai attacks:

Pres. Obama’s FY 2010 budget shows his administration’s homeland security and intelligence priorities:

The US Army is interested in sticky foam to stop hostile vehicles:

Two scientists have been in a fierce competition to see who can make the best bionic suit for American soldiers. The scientist in Utah had a big advantage because he had Raytheon backing his group, but the Berkeley scientist just got Lockheed to back his group. It is amazing that these bionic suits can enable a soldier to carry up to 200 pounds without much effort and run 10 mph:

This article seems to indicate that the Berkeley Bionics/Lockheed team is ahead right now in this work:

I’m still surprised that the oldest batch of weapons-grade plutonium was found inside a glass jar buried at a dump in Washington State! One good thing is that the technique used to discover that plutonium can be used as a tool in nuclear forensics:

Commercial ships emit almost half as much particulate matter pollutants into the air as the total amount released by the world’s cars:

In times of starvation, cells actually can eat themselves! This process is called autophagy, and when it malfunctions it can result in infectious diseases, as well as cancer, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease:

This technique can regenerate nerves severed in accidents or blood vessels damaged by disease by using spun-sugar, a process like making cotton candy!

The Obama administration is proposing to add spectrum licensing fees, as detailed in the budget they just released:

For some reason, the BlackBerry Bolds sold in Japan have a heat problem and had to be taken off the market. The article also shows how the iPhone’s market share went from 30.1% in the 3Q to 22.3% in the 4Q:

Man lost his phone when it slipped out of his pocket and went into the sea…a week later a fisherman found the phone inside of a huge cod fish, and it still worked!


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