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March 2, 2009

LOTD for March 2

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Scientists have found a way to make an almost unlimited supply of stem cells *without* needing to destroy embryos (they use skin cells from adults)! A big bonus is that the cells can be made from a patient’s own skin so they carry the same DNA and thus avoids the risk of being rejected by the immune system. So, no ethical dilemma because no embryos are involved *and* it has medical benefits when used in treatment:

DARPA gave Lockheed a contract to build a tiny (the size of a coin!) helicopter for indoor military missions:

San Diego State built a gamma radiation detection system, which could detect and defend against the core components of dirty bombs:

The Prime Minister of the UK promised to invest a record amount of money into basic and applied science to supply the jobs of tomorrow:

The US lags behind many other countries in the number of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) college graduates, which means that our STEM workforce is aging and declining in number:
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China’s 16-month lunar probe mission ended with a planned crash into the moon:
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An alternative technique to create flu vaccines has been developed that uses insect cells instead of chicken eggs to create the vaccines. The current chicken egg technique is considered slow and inefficient, so hopefully this new technique will be an improvement:

Nortel lost $5.8 billion last year, including $2.14 billion in the 4th quarter of the year:

Despite declaring bankruptcy and laying off 3,200 workers, Nortel wants the bankruptcy court to okay their plan to offer $45 milllion in retention bonuses for executives and key employees:

AT&T and Radio Shack were hit with a 3G netbook class-action lawsuit over their 3G netbook data plan. This all started when a woman bought a $100 netbook and her first bill was for over $5,000!

Radio Shack might be able to sell Verizon Wireless phones/service again, after the two companies ended their agreement back in 2005. Verizon lost their Circuit City distribution channel, which might have helped Radio Shack get Verizon back:…-again-and-sprint-expands-at-best-buy-6929/

Both NetZero and Earthlink are increasing their dial-up internet access advertising, as some people might be looking to downgrade from high-speed to dial-up to save money in this economy:

It is sad that some nonprofits cannot use their endowments due to state laws because the endowment value is less than the donated value due to the stock market decline:;_ylt=AvjbCcp6g30GwjgxRKyUvaRvzwcF


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