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March 3, 2009

LOTD for March 3

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This roboticist says that there is a big problem with our planned increased reliance on armed robots–they cannot distinguish well enough between innocent bystanders and soldiers:

Obama appears to be offering to stop the missile defense program that Russia hates so much if Russia helps the US on the Iranian Iranian program. Obama probably doesn’t want the missile program anyway (given his campaign speeches and given budgetary constraints), so this would be a great way to get something for what he wants to do anyway. It would also ease tensions in the area–the diplomacy itself (even if no agreement can be reached) probably reduces tensions:

Russian general blames DARPA for the collision between the Iridium satellite and the dead Russian satellite:

Spacecraft will launch on Friday that is tasked with trying to find other Earth-like planets that could support human life:

This breakthrough makes it feasible to create a human vaccine against the bird flu:

Public safety and the CTIA are asking the FCC to do something about the low-power wireless transmitters in the 700 MHz band, such as wireless microphones. That will be a problem for churches, schools, and others around the country that use wireless microphones:

Sprint’s cost to reband the 800 MHz spectrum has increased to about $3.4 billion:

Clearwire’s stock has dropped so much that a clause was triggered that gave its investors (Google, Intel, Time Warner, Comcast) millions of shares more in Clearwire:{C6AE5DC6-0BC1-4FA6-97D2-BE086F36E78D}&siteid=yhoof

T-Mobile is offering a $50 per month plan for unlimited voice calls to their loyal customers (those that have been with T-Mobile at least 22 months):

AT&T plans to subsidize netbook sales like they do iPhones, and are looking to subsidize cameras, GPS devices, and portable game machines:

The global PC market this year is expected to suffer its sharpest decline in history, dropping 11.9%. This even takes into account netbooks increasing from 11.7 million in 2008 to 21 million in 2009, with netbooks costing much less than most PCs:

Despite laying off 5,000 workers, Microsoft plans to spend $9 billion on research this year ($1 billion more than last year), and they say that research spending should create between 2,000 to 3,000 jobs:

This result surprised me–Utah and other Republican or “red” states are the highest subscribers to online porn. Utah and Alaska are the highest porn-subscribing states. People use their online porn subscriptions most on Monday:

A New Zealand Mall district is having a problem with teens that hang out there and cause trouble–so, they are going to be having Barry Manilow music play throughout the area to get rid of the teens or make them more mellow:

20-year-old Nebraska man smoked pot from a bong while his cat was stuffed inside:

Woman was arrested for misusing 911 after calling 911 *three* times to report that McDonalds was out of Chicken Nuggets:


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