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March 4, 2009

LOTD for March 4

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Former Halliburton electricians warn that the poor electrical work at Afghanistan bases endangers US troops. At least 18 US soldiers have died by electrocution in Iraq, many while on US bases. The electricians have photos of the shoddy work, but say that Halliburton supervisors ignored their concerns Army investigators found that electric shocks occurred on US bases on average every three days over a two year period due to faulty electric wiring by Haliburton…our soldiers shouldn’t have to risk their lives to take a shower!

The US has spent $30 million over the past 10 years and *still* needs to spend $650k this year to finish the job of declassifying records on the involvement of U.S. intelligence agencies with Nazi and Japanese war criminals:

Mexico’s two largest drug cartels apparently have about as many foot soldiers as the Mexican Army! According to these defense officials, Mexico is #3 as a US national security concern (behind Pakistan and Iran but *ahead* of Iraq and Afghanistan). With those two cartels apparently teaming up to defeat the government, plus how they have infiltrated the government to create their own shadow government, this is a serious crisis right on our border:

A trial is going on right now to use Ecstasy to treat PTSD in military vets:

China is planning to launch a military space station in 2010, coinciding with the phase-out of the Space Shuttle:

This MIT PhD student has developed gold nano-antennas to target and destroy cancerous tumors and other breakthroughs in cancer treatment. He also founded two companies and mentored 14 undergraduate students while a PhD student…wow!

This study found that lifestyle choices, not a lack of ability, result in women choosing to not go into computer science, math, physics, and engineering. The study found that women dropping out of their career to have children is a major reason why they do not advance as far as they could or why they leave the STEM fields. I know that my wife quit her Electrical Engineering job after she had our first child and she hasn’t worked in engineering for the last 6 years:

Half of Americans expect another country to pass the US to become the world’s leader in technology. Only 34% of Americans gave themselves an A or B for understanding what engineers do:

Georgia Tech and an Atlanta-based startup company have created the world’s first vehicle specifically designed for the patrol needs of law enforcement agencies:

The new facial recognition photo programs from Apple (iPhoto) and Google (Picasa) have much more capability to help people categorize and organize their photos…but there is some debate whether or not they are too powerful:

Alion is expanding its business presence in Canada–it sounds like their work for the Canadian Navy and Coast Guard is going well:

MetroPCS plans to deploy LTE next year. They do not currently have a smartphone to take advantage yet, but they said that they would be getting a smartphone from a Canadian smartphone maker (why don’t they just say they will be getting a BlackBerry, saying Canadian smartphone maker gave away that information!) later this year:

There are now three times as many cell phones in the world than land lines! 25 years ago there were almost no cell phones and landlines dominated communications, but things have sure changed:

UK cellular network operators are upset that Nokia will be loading its flagship N97 smartphone with Skype:

According to this survey, UK men prefer to have their women wear the shirt of their favorite soccer team in bed instead of wearing lingerie or being naked!


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