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March 6, 2009

LOTD for March 6

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After what happened when McCain canceled on Letterman during the Presidential campaign, you would have thought that this CNBC reporter would have known to not cancel on Jon Stewart. I think that the rant that Stewart went on, shown on the video in this link, was funny and devastating at CNBC’s expense:

The Government Accountability Office has prepared a “highly critical report” that could mean the end for much or all of the Future Combat Systems program:

The US opened a supply route for Afghanistan that goes through Russia, plus we’re inviting Iran to an international conference on Afghanistan. This is the first time that the US is asking for Iran to help with diplomacy regarding Afghanistan–the US said that Iran was very helpful in 2001 at the last diplomatic session over Afghanistan that we invited Iran too…but then Pres. Bush made his “axis of evil” comment about Iran and the cordial relationship was over:

The UK discussed its research plans for their future robotic systems:

Study found that high school students that study fewer science subjects, but study those in depth, do better in college than students that study more topics and spend less time on each:
Article link

Search software uncovered 207 articles with signs of plagiarism in journal papers in the biomedical field:
Article link

Metamaterial breakthrough based on partial differential equations may make invisibility cloaks a reality soon:
Article link

Chinese scientists found that chicken manure can be used to biodegrade crude oil, which gives a more environmentally-friendly way to clean up oil spills:
Article link

Spyware is selling very well to Chinese consumers despite an official ban by the government. Big sellers include cameras disguised as pens, buttons or sunglasses:

UK school is using biometric facial recognition to track attendance by students:

Economists say that the patent and copyright laws should be abolished to help revive the economy:

The economists argue that markets than patents in promoting intellectual discovery:

Analysts say that Android-based phones will pass the iPhone in sales by 2012:

Deutsche Telekom’s CEO sharply criticized Windows Mobile and said that Android is the operating system for future mobile phones:

Article about how Apple and Qualcomm have been able to avoid the layoffs that other companies have had to do during the economic downturn. One LOTD reader who just had his contract “modified” might disagree with the rosy picture that Qualcomm is painting…those if you go beyond the headline you might notice Qualcomm does mention their “targeted layoffs”:

Analyst says that the cellular industry is collapsing and will have to resort to a price war soon. Interestingly, the analyst doesn’t think that the problem is the economy–the problem with growth for the cellular carriers is that most people already have a cell phone…there isn’t much room to keep growing like they have been:

Clearwire plans to launch at least 8 “Clear” markets this year, including converting Honolulu from 802.16d to 802.16e:
Press release

Pennsylvania man charged with DUI when he sat through 6 green lights (apparently asleep) with a beer sitting next to him:

Anyone using a BlackBerry and reading this (I know there are a lot of them getting the daily e-mails) might be interested in checking out this program. TetherBerry lets you use your BlackBerry to get your laptop online, with NO fees to the cellular company! The *free* Beta is apparently only available for download until Monday, so I’ll be downloading it today and testing it tonight. The Verizon contract limits my monthly usage to 5GB, so this will just be a backup system for when I’m on the road without a connection. On Monday they will be releasing the full version which will have a one-time fee, and all Beta versions will be disabled, so I want to try out the Beta before deciding whether or not to buy it:


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