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March 8, 2009

LOTD for March 8

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Free fries (natural or curly) and soda at Jack in the Box on Tuesday:

LA clinic could already allow parents to choose if they wanted a boy or a girl, but now parents can also choose the eye color, hair color, hair type, and complexion of babies! This makes me very uncomfortable…certain lines are now being crossed and some clinics seem to have no problems with that as long as parents pay them their $18k:

Study found that Presidents age 2 years for every year they are in office. It is amazing how quickly Obama’s hair turned gray:

Study found why gut instincts work–it seems that our brain’s unconscious memory contains information we don’t realize we have:

Study found that the flu spreads more in the winter because low humidity helps flu germs spread:

Researchers might have found the key for the cure to the common cold! Problems include how people feel that colds are a minor nuisance and will not pay for expensive drugs and the FDA will not approve a drug for such a mild disease if there is any downside to the drug:

Study of over 160,000 women found that there was NO benefit provided by a multivitamin in any of 10 categories studied, including no differences in the rate of breast or colon cancer, heart attack, stroke, blood clots or mortality. They had expected to find at least a minor benefit from the multivitamins:

Federal Reserve report found that Americans have a lower net worth now (adjusted for inflation) than they did in 2001:

It is amazing to me that a judge in West Virginia received $3 million from this coal company and then the judge declined to remove himself from a case regarding that company! It probably wasn’t a shock when the judge cast a crucial vote in favor of the coal company that gave him 60% of his campaign funds:

A case in front of the Supreme Court may decide when a judge must recuse himself:

Man was arrested for putting out his brother’s cigarette with a fire extinguisher:

Two Junior High school teachers in Utah were arrested (both women confessed) to having sex with the same 13-year-old boy…the sex has been going on for more than a year with that 13-year-old!


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