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March 9, 2009

LOTD for March 9

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UK researchers have discovered an ice chain structure built from pentagons that might be the key to develop new materials that can seed clouds and cause rain:
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More sophisticated and powerful IEDs are being used in Afghanistan, resulting in a 146% increase in wounded coalition troops and a more than tripled number of deaths from IEDs as compared to last year:

The Navy is experimenting with swarms of killer UAVs as an answer to the potential stealth aircraft that Russia, India and China could have in the relatively near future:

The $1 billion for air travel security in Obama’s stimulus package is projected to create more than 3,000 jobs and improve the security at these 17 airports (which includes Honolulu and Maui):

RAND report (warning: it is 182 pages long) discusses how organized crime groups (some possibly terrorist groups) around the world have found that they can counterfeit things like movies to fund their operations. DVD piracy has a higher profit margin than drugs!

President Obama is following through with a campaign promise to cut off funds for the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository:

The Pentagon has complained that 5 Chinese ships harassed an American ship, including a complaint that the Chinese crew members stripped down to their underwear:

Nokia reportedly will have an LTE phone exclusively on Verizon. Interesting that Verizon is starting its LTE network early to get a 1- or 2-year jump on AT&T, as now they will have a device that can take advantage of the benefits of the 4G standard:

26 wireless operators are committed to LTE, with 10 network operators launching LTE by next year:;title

Huawei expects to grow from $23 billion in infrastructure deals in 2008 to $30 billion in 2009:

Asus is releasing a netbook this year based on the Android operating system…that means that Android is now a threat to Microsoft in the computer OS market. When these two guys decided to see how good Android was as a computer operating system, they were able to get a netbook running on Android right away…so, it is already a desktop operating system! Android makes netbooks even cheaper and more profitable for companies, so this is a problem for Microsoft since they are just starting to look at getting Windows ported to netbooks!

Report discusses how cloud computing makes it possible for startups to avoid needing venture capital:

A lot of people in the UK are apparently going to McDonald’s for the free WiFi, some even ordering food that they won’t eat just so they aren’t embarrassed at being there for a long time:

Underwear-clad man wrestled a 5’9″ kangaroo out of his home after the kangaroo smashed through his bedroom window and started to jump around his home:


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