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March 10, 2009

LOTD for March 10

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China will launch their space station next year, and they now openly acknowledge that it will involve military space operations and technology development. This occurs as the US will stop manned spaceflight with the retirement of the space shuttle and with at least a 5 year break (more if they fall behind schedule or if the budget is cut) before the US resumes manned space launches:

The US has stopped its raids by Special Forces due to concerns over civilian deaths:

The LA Times has an article today analyzing Lockheed’s advertising campaign to try to save the F-22, banishing the plane in the ad and instead casting it as a jobs program:,0,3735693.story

Rising carbon dioxide levels (causing ocean acidification and rising water temperatures) have made it increasingly difficult for coral reefs to grow. This new study found that coral reefs can be expected to start *dissolving* throughout the world in just a few decades unless carbon dioxide emissions are cut deeply soon!
article link

European court rules that airlines must publicize exactly what items are forbidden from being brought onto airplanes. Currently there are some items that are secretly banned, and the lawsuit was filed when a passenger was removed from an airplane because of his tennis racket:

It is sad to hear that people laid off and applying for jobs are targets of identity thieves, who place ads about fictional jobs just to get information about people. This fact sheet gives tips for job seekers to protect themselves from identity theft:

Ricoh has a cool billboard in Times Square that is powered by wind and solar energy. It saves 18 tons of carbon per year and $12k to $15k in electricity bills every month. WePOWER is calling their wind/solar billboards “windvertising”:

Consumers in the 18-34 demographic feel that humans are causing global warming and their purchase decisions are driving green trends:

Article about the rumors that IE8 will be the last version of Internet Explorer, as Microsoft is looking to base their next browser on a new core:


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