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March 11, 2009

LOTD for March 11

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US agencies have spent over $50 billion to beef up our biological defenses ever since the 2001 anthrax attacks. Sadly, hoaxes and false alarms have resulted in a increasingly heavy toll in costs and emotional distress:

Wild duck found in Germany has a deadly strain of the bird flu, this particular strain has killed 250 people already and hadn’t been found in the wild since last February:

This amazing decontamination wipe (thanks to Texas Tech and Lawrence Livermore) may soon be carried around by all soldiers and emergency personnel and may even be in stadiums, as it can be used to soak up dangerous chemicals in a low-cost, convenient manner. This is a great example of Department of Homeland Security money that could result in an important improvement for soldiers, firefighters, police, and ambulances, while also creating a multi-million dollar industry. Texas Tech gets 10% of all proceeds from the sale of the wipes. Thank you to the LOTD reader who sent this!

Cal Poly is merging their College of Education with their College of Science and Mathematics, which will allow them to raise more student fees and hopefully better prepare elementary school teachers. Thank you to the same LOTD reader for this!

Scientists have made a critical advance towards being able to develop an artificial version of photosynthesis that can produce liquid fuels from carbon dioxide and water. Artificial photosynthesis would replace the need to burn oil and coal for power, offering the chance for a renewable and carbon-neutral source of transportation energy:
Article link

AT&T will invest more than $17 billion this year to upgrade their 3G network, which is expected to create 3,000 jobs and should drive economic growth in that sector:
Press release

Sprint was hit by yet another class action lawsuit, this one for misleading statements before the merger with Nextel that drove stock prices up:
Press release

It is hard to believe that Amazon is selling G1 phones for just $98 for new T-Mobile customers:

Bad software update led to a lot of problems for some Norton Internet Security and Norton Antivirus users:

Article about how wireless jamming devices are illegal and dangerous in the US without government approval. I can’t believe that the Mount Spokane school system set up a jammer to keep students from using cell phones during class and didn’t bother to check to see who else they would be jamming (they took out the police radios!):
Article link

Cydia set up a store for unauthorized iPhone applications…Apple cannot be happy about this!

Pet store was waiting for a shipment of tropical fish and salt water…and instead they received a corpse of a man who died in San Diego!

That video clip of Jon Stewart going off on CNBC is Comedy Central’s most streamed clip of the year:

Amazing that this guy went from being a cheerleader for Ohio State to being on Ohio State’s football team!


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