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March 15, 2009

LOTD for March 15

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Soccer player in Iraq was about to score a goal…until a fan of the other team shot him in the head:

Indiana couple who ran a babysitting service in their home actually taped themselves having sex with kids between the ages of 2 months old and 6 years old! That is just sick!

Senate committee in Utah approved a bill that would require drinks served in restaurants to be prepared in a back room or behind a 10-foot-high wall. The bill also would make it illegal to appear drunk in Utah:

Police in Gainesville, Florida put tickets on a parked car 7 times in a 2-week period…without noticing that the driver was dead in the back seat! The dead man was reported missing the day before the first ticket was issued, so if they had run the license plates of the man you would think that they would have realized that the car of the missing man was worth investigating further:

Germans in their 20s would prefer to give up their spouses and their car instead of giving up access to the Internet:

Men and women process beautiful images in different parts of their brain–the brain patterns show coordinate-processing activation in both men and women, and category-processing in only women:

Study found that child abuse causes lifelong changes to the brain and even to the DNA of the abused:

The glaciers in Antarctica are melting faster and across a much wider area than expected…114 billion tons per year, which means that the sea level will rise higher than expected:

Past studies of men found that there were some benefits for men who drank a glass of wine per day. Unfortunately, this study found that women who drink one small glass of wine a day are increasing their risk of developing certain forms of cancer by six per cent, with the risk doubling if they have a second drink:

Want a measure of how bad the economy is in Detroit due to the auto industry and other problems? The median cost of a home sold in December in Detroit was $7,500!,0,5435392.story

Ryanair (European airline) is actually considering charging passengers $1.40 to use the toilet! They point out that train and bus stations in Europe already charge passengers to use the toilet, which is a good argument:

I found this feature story fascinating on how the Mafia had to be convinced to allow the producers to make the first Godfather movie:


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