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March 16, 2009

LOTD for March 16

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The US military confirmed that it shot down an Iranian UAV over Iraqi airspace:

Global warming is resulting in a rise in the sea level, which had been thought to be a big threat to Florida and Western Europe, but actually most threatens the northeastern part of the US. For example, New York City will be at greater risk from damage from hurricanes and winter storm surges:

Obama created a working group to try to improve the food safety situation in the US:

Study found that the way to cure peanut allergies is to take peanuts every day, gradually increasing the amount of peanuts:

DNA patch found to be able to cure muscular dystrophy in dogs…this same gene is affected by muscular dystrophy in humans, so this is an important step to hopefully funding a cure:

Team of scientists have been able to demonstrate that sodium becomes transparent when it is put under a certain amount of pressure, different from other materials that become metallic under pressure:
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The Obama Administration approved the record arms purchase by India–$2.1 billion for 8 Boeing maritime patrol aircraft:

Pres. Obama expressed his outrage at the bonuses given to AIG executives while they have relied on taxpayer funds to stay afloat. Other companies who have taken bailout money have had their management give up bonuses, so the heat will be on AIG:

Cablevision’s WiFi network is credited for a 70% increase in its cable subscribers. If cable companies like Cablevision and Comcast decide to roll out free WiFi in a big way throughout their territories, that will be a HUGE problem for Clearwire! Many large cable companies are big investors into Clearwire, so they won’t want to kill Clearwire’s market…but they do want to increase their market share:

Commentary about how long mobile operators will be able to ignore VoIP, especially when Google Voice gives subscribers a ten-digit phone number that links all of their various phone numbers (home, mobile, office) and rings them simultaneously. Google Voice will also enable users to make call for free to anywhere in the U.S. and will offer an SMS conversion feature that converts voice messages into text messages:
Article link

Private equity groups are being targeted to purchase some of Motorola’s and Nortel’s assets. It would be interesting if Advent buys Motorola’s handset business and combines with with some of Nortel’s wireless assets:,dwp_uuid=e8477cc4-c820-11db-b0dc-000b5df10621.html

Sprint just signed a $2 billion deal to outsource network operations to Ericsson. It is interesting that Ericsson got the contract, as Sprint runs a CDMA network and Ericsson doesn’t support CDMA…but I’m guessing for $2 billion Ericsson will get up to speed quickly on CDMA!

DoCoMo and Fujitsu demonstrated a 120 Mbps over a test LTE network, using 4×4 MIMO:

It is hard for me to believe that when this guy realized that some guy in his late 20s had broken into his house, he didn’t call the police…instead, he sent out Twitter messages about how his home was invaded! He then video blogged the situation! It is hard for me to believe that he video blogged his conversation with the home invader who happened to be on his bed with his pants off!

Norm Coleman, ex-Senator from Minnesota, is appealing the recount process with Al Franken (though Franken is serving in the Senate already), and he’s in the news for a huge identity theft problem for his donors and supporters. His campaign’s website apparently put the credit card numbers of his donors on the Internet *and did not password protect the file* and put the names, addresses, e-mail, and passwords of 51,000 supporters on the campaign website with no password protection! When the news came out on January 28, the campaign *then* they added password protection. However, all of that private information was available on the web for identity thieves and they did not notify their supporters and donors! Even sadder, this blogger detailed how easy it was to gain administrative access to the campaign website, so no information was safe, and not notifying those whose information was exposed might have been a breach of Minnesota law:


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