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March 17, 2009

LOTD for March 17

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There is a big worry that the deluge of grant applications expected from scientists looking for money from Obama’s stimulus package could overwhelm the government’s online grant-application system (

The DoD banned YouTube from its networks and created TroopTube as an alternative. Now the DoD appears to be banning TroopTube from military bases!

Rocket scientists have come up with a laser that can kill mosquitoes, which could be the key to eradicating malaria. The mosquitoes just burst into flames! They are even advanced enough to tell the difference between male and female mosquitoes:

New Iris on the Move technology will be tested at Schiphol Airport–instead of having to stop and look into a biometric device, this device will be able to scan the eyes of people walking even when they are far away from the device:

Researchers modified a Roomba so that it would back away from angry people!

The European Commission calls for a single patent law that will cover all of Europe:

This article has a nice summary of the features coming this summer to the iPhone…all iPhones will be able to upgrade their software for free, though iTouch users will have to pay $9.95:

Comcast will launch a WiMAX service (via the Clearwire network) in Portland, which is interesting because that WiMAX service will directly compete with Comcast’s high-speed internet service to Portland homes:

HTC said that they will launch 4 or more Android phones before the end of this year! Sales of their first Android phone (the G1) exceeded their expectations:

Sprint’s stock tanked after an analyst expressed concern that they would have higher than expected customer losses this quarter:

Mathemetician says that he came up with a foolproof way to beat Sudoku puzzles:

Scientist created software that uses a scientific formula to rate the attractiveness of lips. Their global top 5 when rating the lips of celebrities were: Monica Belluci, Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry, Beyonce Knowles, and Angelina Jolie:,23739,25202954-5012980,00.html

This rugby’s team didn’t have that many fans in the stands, so to make the stadium seem more full they used inflatable dolls in the stands!


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