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March 18, 2009

LOTD for March 18

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The US military had 167 UAVs in 2001 and now has over 5,500, with plans to continue to significantly increase that number. This has led to a shortage of UAV pilots and nearly tripling the number of UAV missions over the past 2 years:

Military lasers have now reached battlefield strength, passing the 100 W threshold:

It apparently will cost $100 million over 4 years to weaponize this military-grade laser:

Report says that Israel is more likely to use missiles instead of dropping bombs against Iran’s nuclear facilities:,com_csis_pubs/task,view/id,5337/type,1/

It is nice that airports in Italy, Portugal, Poland and Nigeria have already purchased this MagShoe screening device, as it allows for passengers to leave their shoes on as they go through airport screening:

The world’s first flying car made its first flight earlier this month:

I would never have imagined this when I lived in the Bay Area in the 90s…but IBM is in talks to buy Sun:
Article link

Forecast calls for 800,000 base stations to be using alternative energy (mainly solar or wind power) by the end of this year, and 70 million mobile devices will be recycled or properly disposed of this year:
Article link

It is pretty cool that 70% of HP’s consumer laptops now use this long lasting, quick charging battery:

I’m impressed that this high efficiency power amplifier would only require 86 W of DC power to get a 50 W output power, a huge drop from the 500 W input power required by today’s high power RF amplifiers:
Article link

Another article about the iPhone 3.0 software upgrade:

The iPhone hacking team that comes up with the “jailbreak” versions announced that they will update their jailbreak tool for 3.0:

It is sad how Zimbabwe is cut off from the Internet again, another sign of the problems their country has:

Company is appealing a $12.6 million verdict against them because one of the jurors sent 8 twitter messages out *during the trial* that showed he was biased against them. Jurors sending twitter messages during a trail…why aren’t their cell phones taken away while they are in the courtroom?

Porn stars are teaming up to get workers comp:
Article link

Woman asked police to search her laptop because she was worried that her boyfriend used her laptop to search for child porn. Unfortunately for her, the police instead found videos of her having sex with a beagle…so, now she is facing 2 felony counts of bestiality. Police found the videos in her recycle bin, which I guess she forgot to empty before asking the police to search her computer!


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