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March 19, 2009

LOTD for March 19

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The big defense companies are gearing up to try to win the $6 billion or so that the federal government will spend each year on cyber security:

All of the major browsers were hacked quite quickly in this competition:

Air France is trialing biometric boarding cards that store passenger fingerprints to allow automated boarding:

The kids game “Marco Polo” (which was played in the playground when I was a kid, not just in a swimming pool like the article suggests) is being used to help robots intercept targets:

Research found that graphene could result in much faster chips than silicon, leading to practical systems in the Terahertz range:

Specs, photos, and videos of the flying car are at this link:

Rocks (which absorb CO2) could be the solution to global warming:

Researchers are working on a smart implant that would prevent blindness for millions of people that become blind due to certain diseases (5.5 million people are blinded by this each year!):

Article about how NSF is trying to educate the public and decision makers about the latest advances in science:

Article about why it would be good if IBM bought Sun:

Column on the competitive opportunities for Verizon and Clearwire:
Article link

It appears that Ericsson might want to get out of the cell phone business, getting Sony to buy their 50% of Sony Ericsson…but Sony is cash poor now, so that could be a problem:

Samsung is releasing an Android-based phone in the 3rd quarter of this year:

The flagship phones (iPhone 3G, BlackBerry Storm, G1) are the top revenue generators on their respective cell phone company websites (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile):
Press release

AT&T is planning to sell 3G iPhones without commitment or activation needed, possibly a sign that they are trying to clear out their inventory in advance of a new iPhone being released soon:

A private equity firm bought my local paper (San Diego Union-Tribune) and are looking to buy other newspapers because they feel the industry will be coming back when the economy improves. The paper they are rumored to be considering to buy next is the Austin American-Statesman, which I subscribed to for years:

California town is going to spray paint the lawns of foreclosed homes to make them look green so that they can be sold easier. It costs $550 to spray paint:a lawn and they set aside $2 million for it:


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