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March 20, 2009

LOTD for March 20

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Pres. Obama announced $2.4 billion in funding for next-generation Plug-in Hybrid Electric cars and the advanced battery components needed for those cars, and they say that the funding will create tens of thousands of US jobs. Americans who buy plug-in hybrid cars can claim a tax credit of up to $7500. That might make a difference for my family when we decide to buy a second car!

US submarine and a US amphibious ship collided near Iran with 15 sailors from the sub injured:

I’m surprised that this company did research for the Army’s next-generation body armor, trying to basically make an exploding bullet-proof vest. I know that the minor explosions works for reactive armor on tanks, but how do you make the explosions on something that soldiers would wear?

7.9-magnitude earthquake hit Tonga–fortunately they were able to call off the tsunami warming, but there are worries about what the earthquake did to the erupting underwater volcano nearby. If there is a large amount volcanic ash spread underwater due to the earthquake, it would kill all underwater life in the area:

Despite current economic conditions, startup founders are optimistic and a VC points out that they might have good timing because by the time the startups grow the economy might have turned around:

Nearly $200k of the $810k this emergency service group in North Dakota got to fight bioterrorism and natural disasters was spent on unallowable or questionable expenses such as alcohol! They aren’t sure how they will pay the money back because their normal budget for an entire year is less than $200k:

The huge solar wings (each 115-feet long) on the space station are being unfurled today:

Two Australian students figured out a way to use a hairdryer to be able to get fingerprints from paper that current techniques are unable to extract:

Sony Ericsson said that it expects a pretax loss of around $500 million for the first quarter of this year, far worse than market expectations. They are performing worse than other cell phone manufacturers, so it is probably no surprise that Ericsson announced yesterday that they wanted Sony to buy their half of Sony Ericsson:

Rumor is that in May Verizon will get the latest BlackBerry–the Niagara. The Niagara is a world phone that has a keyboard like the Bold and is a slimmer version of the Curve:

Researchers made a Twitter worm that could spread virally (via Twitter) and allow hackers to take control of victims’ computers! Part of the problem is that Twitter’s 140 character limit makes users use tinyurl, so victims have no idea if they are clicking on a malicious link:

I think that it is strange that the press will be banned from Al Gore’s keynote address at CTIA, especially when everything he says will end up on Twitter via the CTIA attendees:
Press release

Principal and other staff members at this Dallas school actually set up a fight club for students–troubled students were sent into a steel cage and fought with bare fists and no head protection:

Doctors were shocked when this baby was born with two male organs–they had to perform a lengthy operation to join the two organs:,2933,508984,00.html

Lori really likes Danica McKeller (Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years), so I thought I’d include this 2005 feature on her:


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