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March 23, 2009

LOTD for March 23

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Disease-detecting gel works like Jell-O and could detect diseases like lung cancer and TB just from our breath:

Tensions are high due to North Korea’s plan to fire a big rocket next month, with the US possibly planning to shoot down the rocket:

Cyber security experts say that the US should slow down its rush towards the “Smart Grid” (which would give the US more efficient and reliable electricity) because there are no Smart Grid cybersecurity standards and tests have found that hackers with $500 in equipment and a basic understanding of electronics and software could cause huge blackouts:

IT security experts say that there is a strong likelihood that Russian Intelligence was behind the cyber attacks on Georgian government servers last summer:

Clearwire is testing a WiMAX VoIP phone, which would allow Comcast and Time Warner to offer wireless phone services bundled with TV and cable internet services…that would be a big revenue stream for them and a big challenge for the cellular carriers! No wonder the carriers are rushing to get LTE out:

Dell apparently shows the cellular carriers their prototypes for Android-based and Windows Mobile-based smartphones…and the negative reaction from the carriers has made Dell start all over to try to come up with a phone:

The FCC approved a mystery device from LG that runs on LTE:

Enterprise managers like the iPhone 3.0’s ability to tether with computers:

The bankruptcy court has approved Nortel’s plan to give $7.3 million in retention bonuses for executives…even though Nortel hasn’t paid its fired workers their severance pay:

Nortel is telling its workers who are owed severance pay that they can get access to their pension funds and retiree medical plan only if they give up claims to their severance pay!

San Diego video game company Zeebo (partly owned by Qualcomm) is leaving stealth mode today and plans to compete with the Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3 with their video game platform. Interesting that they built their system based on a COTS phone chip, the same chip used in the G1 phone. I didn’t realize that game piracy was so bad that game makers raised the price of the hardware to make up for a lack of software sales–with a Wii costing $1000 in Brazil, there is an opportunity for Zeebo:

Article about how the Honda Insight poses a big threat to the Prius, possibly forcing Toyota to cut the price tag of the Prius and introduce a cheaper hybrid car:

Nissan will be selling an electric car in San Diego next year. Their partnership with SDG&E gives them a customer and a partner that can put charging stations all around San Diego:

Al Gore decided that the press can cover his CTIA keynote address, reversing his earlier ban:
Press release

A 350-year-old statue of a saint and former pope that was stolen from an Italian church 29 years ago was found in the home of a North Carolina couple who had no idea it was stolen:


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