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March 26, 2009

LOTD for March 26

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Article wondering if the US is actually at war with Pakistan, with military operations carried out with UAVs:

These tiny sensors only cost a quarter and can detect intruders within 165 feet!

Research has found that a quick x-ray snapshot of a person’s knee is a very reliable way to identify them, and this biometric technique is much more resistant to spoofing because it is hard to spoof the inside of a knee like they do with artificial fingerprints or contact lenses:
Article link

China has made a HUGE investment in nanotechnology…this could be a huge market for them and a huge loss for US industry:

Robot developers are trying to get a team of robots to be good enough to beat the best human soccer teams:

Israeli aircraft (with US logistical and intelligence support) destroyed an Iranian arms convoy in Sudan, where Iran had intended the arms to resupply Hamas forces in Gaza:

Scientists debate how to deflect asteroids if they are going to hit the Earth:

A patent from ITT’s defense side has resulted in ITT suing Verizon and their handset makers for violating their assisted GPS patent:

Cable company Cox Communications was one of the few big cable companies to not invest in Clearwire and they won their own 700 MHz spectrum, and Cox plans to roll out 3G service and soon upgrade to LTE. The combination of 3G/4G for cell phones and cable TV/internet would create a very attractive bundle for Cox:

Huawei won the Cox contract and they are a finalist with Clearwire. I thought that Motorola had the inside track due to their past relationship with Sprint and Clearwire–if Motorola is beaten out with Clearwire, they will have clearly lost the WiMAX equipment market:

Motorola had its “best year in history” in 2008…if you don’t count their cellular phone division:

Russians apparently do not like the iPhone and the poor sales has prompted Russian carriers to demand their contracts with Apple be renegotiated:

The BlackBerry App World will apparently launch on April 1 and they are courting developers by taking a much smaller piece of the sales price (20% vs. Apple’s 30%):

New York man is accused of stashing his dead 98-year-old mother in a freezer so that he could continue to cash her Social Security checks:

I think that it is really sad that Hawaii’s governor is going to use Obama’s stimulus money for education in order to balance the budget. Even worse, the stimulus money is supposed to be used over a 2-year period and she will use just about all of it up right away to close a $90 million hole in this year’s budget. That means that there will be almost no stimulus money next fiscal year and a even bigger deficit since the money was stolen from education instead of actually trying to balance the budget:


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