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March 28, 2009

LOTD March 28

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Scary thought–maybe we don’t need to worry about global warming because Yellowstone is due for an eruption that could extinguish human life on Earth? Yellowstone has erupted every 600,000 years or so and it has been 640,000 years since its last eruption:

LiveScience disputes media reports about how a spider bite enabled a paralyzed man to walk again:

Study of a male chimp in a zoo shows that an animal can plan for future events:

Study found that rising temperatures increase the risk of severe headaches. Every 5 Celsius increase meant a 7.5% increase in ER visits for headaches:

Interesting study found that certain types of exercise (like cold water swimming) can actually result in weight gain due to a craving for high-fat foods, while other exercises actually reduce the desire to eat:

Children whose fathers are over 50 have lower IQ scores, with IQ declining the more their father was over 50. Children from older mothers do not have this IQ decrease:

Some men may suffer from “hair blindness”, which prevents them from noticing right away any changes to their wives/girlfriends hairstyle:

British nightclub boss wrote a letter to police denying that drug use was widely used at her club…and police found that her letter was covered in cocaine!

Judge rules that New Zealand court papers can be served via Facebook, which was earlier approved in a case in Australia:

Lawsuit filed against the tiny Texas town of Tenaha for stopping African-Americans driving through the town and seizing their money and property by threatening them with criminal prosecution. All plaintiffs were driving rented cars or had out-of-state license plates and officials searched their cars, asked if they had any money, and coerced into giving up cash, cell phones, and other property. Current Texas law doesn’t require a person to be convicted of a crime or even charged with one before police can take their assets…Louisiana had a loophole like that and had to close it in 1997 when it was abused by police. This may be a way that police in Texas are making up for shrinking budgets:,0,507135.story


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