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April 1, 2009

LOTD for April 1

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It is sad that the US military gave a no-bid contract to ARINC (a company mainly known for communications equipment) to supply the Iraqai government with Russian helicopters, with NO helicopters received over the two years of the contract,(even though the first batch were due last month). Now the military is giving ARINC another $80 million…and they could collect their entire payment under the contract before they deliver a single helicopter! Even worse, the US is paying much more than the market price for the helicopters:

The US Air Force and Lockheed launched a new GPS satellite, with a new signal that will eventually lead to the next generation of higher-accuracy GPS:

Elbit joined the DARPA SBIR Phase II robotics program where the robot generates electrical power by ingesting biomass sources of energy:

Despite the slow economy, the video surveillance market continues to grow:

The US is more than quadrupling its security cameras on the Canadian border, with the Department of Homeland Security stating that the terrorist threat to the US is higher from Canada than it is from Mexico:

The US space industry increased revenues by $6 billion last year despite the recession:

Home Depot’s CEO got a 20% raise (to $9.2 million in 2008) despite their 49% drop in profit and their laying off 7,000 workers:

Advertisers are targeting Mommy bloggers because they control 80% of household spending and 87% use the Web regularly:

Inmates in Brazil get cell phones smuggled into prisons via carrier pigeons:

It is REALLY sad that UCSD sent out acceptance e-mails to all 29,000 applicants they were going to reject!


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