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April 2, 2009

LOTD for April 2

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The Conflicker worm seems to have infected more computers than previously thought, and a new variation of the worm it actively looking for instructions from its creator:

DARPA-funded program tries to reduce the military’s reliance of imported oil by using biodiesel (french fry grease) for military aircraft fuel:
Article link

This article analyzes the possible ways that Israel might strike against Iran’s nuclear reactors:

Tata motors has filed for patent protection for 37 inventions regarding the Tata Nano car:
Article link

3D CAD software allows for printing with clay to make ceramic objects:

Cybersecurity law being drafted right now would give the Federal Government unprecedented authority over the critical infrastructure in the US in times of emergency:

Full-body imaging systems have been deployed to airports. These allow airport security to see through clothing, which concerns some people:

Radio manufacturers are trying to solve the problem of communications by firefighters in very noisy environments:

Wireless carriers worry that if they subsidize netbooks to their customers then their customers can drop the data plan and still have a fully functioning netbook. Ericsson came up with a “kill pill” for AT&T netbooks…if a customer doesn’t pay his/her 3G bill for the netbook’s internet access (maybe using the WiFi that comes with the netbook instead of 3G), then AT&T can make the netbook stop working:,0,7485379.story

AT&T is offering netbooks for as little as $50!

G1 users on T-Mobile use 50x the data than regular T-Mobile customers. The average G1 users has downloaded 40 applications from the Android marketplace, and 4 out of 5 G1 users download an application at least once per week:

Clearwire is opening a development lab in Silicon Valley:

Nokia dismissed WiMAX, comparing it to Betamax:

Sprint is offering integrated services to cable companies–they can bundle TV, internet, phone, and wireless services:
Article link

Baby bunny was delivered to a pet store with two noses:


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