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April 7, 2009

LOTD April 7

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DARPA wants a building material made out of solar cells:

One big change announced by Defense Secretary Gates is that up to 39,000 contractors at the Pentagon will be replaced with civil servants:

Secretary Gates is also significantly cutting back on “boost phase” missile defense programs:

Secretary Gates said that gutting the FCS program was the hardest decision he had to make:

Lots of interesting tidbits in this transcript of Secretary Gates’ briefing, including Gen. Cartright’s slam on North Korea’s missile capabilities (pointing out that they failed 3 times in a row and have never been successful):

Turkish authorities arrested a man who planned to pretend to be an Arab news network journalist in order to kill Pres. Obama:

Scientists discovered pentagonal ice, which could lead to new materials for seeding clouds and causing rain:

A salmonella scare could devastate the entire pistachio industry even though the problem was only found at one processing plant. This is really bad for California’s $540 million pistachio industry, where 96% of pistachios grown in the US are grown in California:

The unemployment rate for software engineers jumped from 1.9% to 4.2%, with the overall unemployment rate for engineers increasing from 2.9% to 3.9% when compared to last year:

The economic slowdown has resulted in Americans being more worried about identity theft–75% think that the world economic crisis means they are at greater risk for identity theft. Financial security fears are now Americans’ #1 concern while national security concerns are at an all-time low:

The Office for Security and Counter Terrorism in the UK had a link on its website for more information…but the link directed people to a Japanese porn site!

Survey of UK businesses found that the credit crunch is becoming less severe in the UK:

The Australian government decided that they didn’t like any of the 5 bids submitted for their national broadband network, so the Australian government will instead form a company and build the network itself:

Leaked HP memo seems to indicate that Microsoft will extend the life of XP until next year–consumers can “downgrade” from Vista or Windows 7 to XP:

Scorecard for the winners and losers at CTIA:
Article link

Pepsi is coming out with environmentally-friendly vending machines:

Former pastor in NY is accused of stealing $84,537 to pay for plastic surgery, botox, and prescription drugs:


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