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April 9, 2009

LOTD for April 9

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Military safety team inspected US facilities in Iraq and wrote in their report last September that there was a high risk that flawed wiring could cause further electrocutions of US soldiers…but it appears that the Pentagon buried the report and Congress didn’t get it until the AP got a copy this week via a Freedom of Information Act request. No ground fault circuit interrupters? Ammo, dirty laundry and other combustibles touching or next to potential electrical fire sources? A majority of US facilities in Iraq were built and are maintained by Halliburton:

UC San Diego researchers found that volcanoes are noisy like jet engines, but at such a low frequency (infrasound) that it cannot be heard by humans:

Obama’s science adviser is studying options for geoengineering (using technology to purposely cool the climate) because global warming is happening so rapidly:
Article link

The US no longer informs the Pakistani government in advance of UAV attacks (the Taliban and al-Qaeda would find out before they could be targeted by the UAVs) and Pakistan now wants the intelligence information and UAVs from the US to combat terrorists inside of Pakistan:

The UK is training pro-West Islamic groups to be able to get higher rankings for Google searches, as a way to drown out extremist voices online:

The Taliban is apparently using US web hosting services to incite attacks on Americans:

Modified Roomba serves as a robot gardener–plants, tends, and harvests fruits and vegetables. This project started as a way to teach MIT students about robots, but it turns out that the agricultural industry has a big need for robotic help:

Microsoft supports a plan to allow undocumented students become permanent residents if they attend college (65,000 undocumented students are estimated to graduate from US high schools each year):

Article about Nokia buying key Nortel assets, and how the sale of any piece of Nortel must go forward if it hits certain minimum values:
Article link

Article about how former employees (and even a former CEO) are suing Nortel for money, and how many businesses are trying to get paid what Nortel owes them. It is sad to hear how so many of the flights on Nortel’s corporate jet were used by Nortel’s CEO for non-business trips:

An analyst predicts that Apple will release two new iPhones this summer, with one less powerful and one with a more powerful processor to run more complicated applications:

Rumors of the imminent arrival of the new iPhone are one reason why European operators cannot get customers to take the current iPhones, even though O2 is offering the iPhone 3G for free to customers!
Article link

Two LA women were arrested because they had been staging fake funerals and had collected $1 million from insurance companies and others:

I find it interesting to follow how the web traffic has changed for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer after they made their newspaper available only on the web. Page views are up 1.2% when compared to last year but unique users are down 10.7%:

LA woman found a cashier’s check for $357,959.55 and tracked down the woman who lost it, refusing to take the reward the woman offered her:

I was shocked to hear that a new Fox reality show will let employees of troubled companies decide which coworker will be laid off. All employees in a small business will be shown how much their coworkers make, and they will make the call as to who will be let go:

Lori will be sad to hear the news that Dollhouse will not have its final episode shown on Fox, which is a pretty bad indication about its chances to come back next year:


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  1. A great collection of links, thanks a lot, most are useful.

    Comment by Marid — April 10, 2009 @ 4:48 pm

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