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April 14, 2009

LOTD for April 14

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A healthcare worker may have accidentally exposed patients and staff at three hospitals in Chicago to TB! Thankfully, so far nobody exposed has tested positive for TB:

Most battery R&D is being done in Asia now, but Kentucky has organized a partnership between its two largest Universities (Louisville and Kentucky) and Argonne National Lab to develop the next generation of battery technology. Federal stimulus money and some state money will be used for the venture. Toyota, GM, and Ford all manufacture cars in Kentucky:,0,1056021.story

The global network security market is expected to reach $9.5 billion by 2015:

There apparently is an new type of UAV operating in Afghanistan:

Pilots say that the new air security system designed by Elbit for Israeli airspace is flawed:

Somali pirates hijacked 4 more ships and took at least 60 hostages:

Pres. Obama lifted a broad set of sanctions against Cuba, including lifting travel and spending restrictions on Americans with relatives on Cuba:

North Korea called Obama a “brigand” and says that they will restart their nuclear program:

Here is the US Army’s official blog:

DARPA wants portable solar panels:
FBO link

Satellite/Terrestrial phone reference design provides full coverage over the US and Canada:

Commentary on how a decision is needed soon on banning wireless microphones that use the 700 MHz band. Current wireless microphone users (businesses, schools, community theaters, social organizations, etc.) may not realize that their wireless microphones have been violating the law:

Scientists say updates on social networking tools like Twitter could numb our sense of morality and make us indifferent to human suffering. Studies found that the streams of information provided by social networking sites are too fast for our brain’s “moral compass” to process and could harm the emotional development of young people:

It sure appears that John McCain went out of his way to diss Sarah Palin:

Homeless man in the UK sold a BlackBerry (for just $223) that contained personal details of cabinet ministers, top civil servants and police officers:

AT&T increased the reward it is offering from $100k to $250k for information on the vandals that cut the fiber optic lines in the Silicon Valley:

Google is releasing the SDK for the next version of the Android platform, and it comes with a LOT of great features that developers and consumers will love:

Dell will apparently be selling a smartphone in China by the end of this year!

Verizon will be releasing a huge software update to the BlackBerry Storm–it will fix a number of bugs and improve the phone’s performance and add several features:

Verizon is apparently planning to complete its LTE network by 2014, with the first LTE deployments this year and much more starting next year:

The iPhone and Apple’s App Store has changed the mobile gaming industry:
Article link

This document summarizes what has changed for Microsoft XP support…basically, only security updates will be free and any other support will require payment to Microsoft:

Fans who bring a Nintendo DS (including the new DSi) to a Seattle Mariners game will get special content sent to their DS by ESPN…this is another way that teams can enrich the experience of being at the game for fans:

Philadelphia cable network was showing the Good Friday service from the Vatican…but a glitch resulted in them switching to a “Girls Gone Wild” commercial!


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