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April 15, 2009

LOTD for April 15

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Naval Proceedings article that suggests that the Navy use high quality video games to recruit and train sailors, just like how the Army has had success with past video games and has a $50 million program to create future video games to train soldiers for combat:
Naval Proceedings article

Defense Secretary Gates discussed why he ended production of the F-22 stealth jet:

E. coli kills up to 3 million kids each year, which is why it is great that this researcher developed a vaccine for it:

Silicon-based all-optical integrated circuits has been proven to be able to transmit faster than 100 Gbps!

Study found that organized crime is responsible for a large increase in the number of breached corporate electronic records, which were estimated at 285 million breaches last year!

The fiber-optic cutting incident in Silicon Valley brings up the issue of how secure the US communications network really is:

Discussion about how WiMAX might displace WiFi for public safety. Good point about how WiMAX is the big beneficiary of federal stimulus money because LTE is less further along than WiMAX:

Alvarion says that WiMAX is increasingly replacing mesh WiFi for public-safety and municipalities:

Singapore’s national broadband network offers 100 Mbps internet access at a wholesale price of $14 per month, which means that consumers are expected to pay just $50 per month for 100 Mbps access:

When the iPhone/AT&T deal was announced, it was supposed to run until 2012…but now AT&T’s exclusive deal with the iPhone ends next year:

AT&T wants to keep its exclusive deal with the iPhone–otherwise, Verizon and the other competitors could get the iPhone next year:

More women than men are online in the US, with the gap increasing each year, but men visit more sites and stay longer on them than women:

Nurse in Wisconsin was laid off while she was assisting with a surgery! Taking the only nurse away from a surgery is against medical protocol…taking her out of a surgery (instead of waiting 30 minutes or so for it to be over) to lay her off is just crazy!

Businessman was burgled after police told him he couldn’t use his poop-flinging catapult to deter intruders:
Article link

Texas homeowner called the police to complain about the noise from his neighbor…so the police issued a citation to that neighbor, an elementary school!

Verizon Wireless is joining China Mobile, SOFTBANK, and Vodafone to create the largest global platform for mobile developers. This Joint Innovation Lab now has a customer reach of 1 million cell phone users!
Press release

It is truly sad it appears that the recession has resulted in a large increase in child abuse cases. The article mentions hospitals that are reporting a 2x or more increase in victims of child abuse:


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