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April 16, 2009

LOTD for April 16

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The Taliban is preventing polio vaccinations again in Afghanistan–the last time they prevented the vaccinations a lot of children died or were crippled for life due to polio:

Mexican police seized a van belonging to a Mexican drug cartel that contaianed an anti-aircraft machine gun, grenade launcher, 5 shotguns, a hand grenade, and a lot of ammo. The van was seized just two days before Pres. Obama’s visit to Mexico:

Study found that a catastrophic rise in sea levels is a “distinct possibility” this century:

Maritime businesses need to make several key decisions over arming their ships and negotiating with Somali pirates:

The Navy gave Boeing and Raytheon $6.9 million each for preliminary design work on a new free electron laser, the “Holy Grail of lasers” for ship defense:

Part II in the series analyzing the security of the US communications network:

Seals and robotic mini submarines are helping researchers study the effects of global warming in polar regions:

Physicist solved the fermion puzzle, resulting in a strontium clock 50% more accurate than last year, so it would neither gain nor lose 1 second in more than 300 million years. This method will make atomic clocks even more accurate than they normally are:
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Intel’s net income dropped 55% last quarter, with Intel’s mobility group taking a big hit (net income of $267 million, when the group made $934 million the previous year’s quarter):

Famous hacker found a possible bug in the iPhone, which would allow a hacker to run shellcode on an iPhone and read the text messages or call history of the iPhone from a remote location:

Nokia’s Q1 profit was down 90%…but at least they beat market expectations by selling 93 million devices in Q1 (they sold 115 million devices in the year-ago Q1):

EBay plans to IPO its Skype unit in the first half of next year:

Carrier pigeons are apparently being used to smuggle cell phone parts into prisons in Columbia:

I normally don’t pass along YouTube links, but I loved watching this video of Britain’s Got Talent contestant Susan Boyle:

Simon Cowell is reportedly already trying to get a record deal lined up for 47-year-old unemployed woman who has never been kissed:

Village 25 miles from London has decided that they will deal with speeders by not fixing their potholes in their roads. They feel that not fixing the potholes is cheaper than installing speed bumps:

This scaled-down version of the Yamato battleship is the biggest lego ship every built:

I’m looking forward to EA Sports Active for the Wii…it sounds like it gives a better workout than Wii Fit:
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