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April 18, 2009

LOTD for April 18

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Crave chocolate but concerned United Airlines will force you to buy two tickets? This lipstick-size device let users satisfy their cravings by filling their mouth with a calorie-free chocolate mist that tastes good (it is chocolate, after all!). It costs about $2 for four puffs and they plan to do this for other foods besides chocolate:
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Oprah joining Twitter will bring a whole new audience to that medium. Amazing that Ashton Kutcher has 1 million followers already!

A bill will be introduced next week that would nearly eliminate tax-free shopping on the Internet. With Malls dying out and shoppers increasing purchasing online, state and local governments are really losing out…but I hate the idea of paying taxes on my Amazon purchases!

Man lost his Olympus digital camera in Scotland a year ago and had forgotten about it…until he got a call from the person who found the camera and traced it back to him. The camera contained no personal information, so Flickr’s Scottish discussion forums went through the 600 photos on the camera to figure out who it belonged to:

Family thought they had lost their dog when the dog fell overboard in choppy waters off the coast of Australia. The dog managed to swim 5 nautical miles and lived for four months on a tiny island on a diet of baby goats and whatever else she could find. The dog reverted to a feral state on the island, snarling at strangers and refusing to take food from people, but immediately recognized her owner and happily went back to her home:

Article link

Spokane man found a message in a bottle thrown into the ocean 96 years ago:


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