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April 19, 2009

LOTD for April 19

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Free Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream cone on Tuesday!

Tampa man may lose his home to foreclosure because he insisted on walking his dog without a leash 7 years ago. He even says that the “Stand Your Ground” law gives him the right to shoot and kill one of the board members of his Homeowners Association:

Laid-off workers in France have been taking their bosses hostage as a way to try to keep their jobs or get more severance money…”bossnapping” incidents are increasing and 45% of people in France say that it is acceptable to do so:

23-year-old California woman flipped over a Ferrari that belonged to her boss because she took a curve too fast, causing $125k in damage:

German pop singer was arrested on suspicion of infecting a partner with HIV–she is suspected of having unprotected sex with three men without informing them she was HIV-positive. If she is convicted, she could be sentenced for up to 10 years in prison:

Woman was charged with first-degree murder for killing her two-year-old niece (allegedly beating her to death), but her husband is more upset that police released her mugshot that showed her face to the public (without a headscarf) because that was an insult against their religion:

Gardener had a problem with snails in her garden and came up with a good solution…she ate them! Now she has snail recipes up on her blog:

Doctors in Russia thought x-rays showed a man had lung cancer…but when they biopsied the tumor, they were shocked to find it was a 2-inch-long fir tree!

Lehman Brothers owns enough uranium cake to make a nuclear bomb–they speculated in that market (their yellowcake inventory is worth about $20 million now) and are waiting for prices to go back up before they sell it:

Debate rages about Spokane’s use of the squirrel-detonating Rodenator:

Polish politician is upset that they spent about $12 million to create the largest elephant hut in Europe and the male elephant they bought to mate with their female elephants is apparently homosexual and the zoo cannot even keep him in the same enclosure with other female elephants:


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