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April 22, 2009

LOTD for April 22

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For 5 years people in Brazil have been hacking into US military satellite transponders to use as ham radios (truck drivers), send coded warnings (rogue loggers in the Amazon), or to coordinate operations (drug dealers and organized crime groups). US military satellites are being hijacked all over the world, but it is so widespread in Brazil that you can apparently get the equipment near any truck stop:

Gen. Patraeus wants Pakistan’s military and intelligence services to focus on extremists within their country instead of India because the internal extremists are the bigger threat to Pakistan…but it will probably take a lot to convince them about that:

DARPA hopes to be able to come up with robots to train military dogs, replacing the human trainers used today:

University researches on sleep deprivation say that their research results were twisted by the Bush Administration to justify torture:

Two engineering professors made commercial USB ultrasound probes compatible with smartphones–this will allow smartphone-compatible ultrasounds to image the kidney, liver, etc.:

This article tries to figure out how Oracle will reach their target of $1.5 billion in profit from Sun in the first year after the acquisition:

Developers say that Palm’s new webOS lives up to the hype:


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