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April 24, 2009

LOTD for April 24

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At least 60 people have died from the swine flu in Mexico, and it has spread to the US–5 cases in California and 2 in Texas. Most of the people affected in Mexico are young healthy adults with no record of prior illnesses. San Diego is close to the border, so I’m monitoring this very closely!

The Army is continuing its funding into anti-aging research. If a breakthrough is made with resveratrol, it wouldn’t just be a big boost for our troops, it would be a huge-selling drug for GlaxoSmithKline:

al Qaeda in Iraq’s leader has reportedly been captured, but the two bombings yesterday indicate that they might be gaining some traction in recruiting disgruntled Sunni Awakening members:

Study about how often laptops are lost or stolen at airports. It was interesting to see the stats of losses/theft of laptops at different airports around the country–1200 laptops lost/stolen at LAX each week!

T-Mobile reports that they have sold 1 million G1 phones:

Symbian and LiMo think that the Android OS is overhyped…but they aren’t exactly unbiased observers:

This contest is pretty cool–they are giving away 5 Palm Pre packages that includes the Pre, $100 gift cards to Amazon, and a bunch of accessories:

Microsoft had its first year-over-year quarterly revenue decline since they went public 23 years ago!

I found this list of the most DVR-ed shows in the demo very interesting. Some shows that struggle in the ratings (like Dollhouse and 90210) actually have 40% of their viewers watching it on DVR later instead of watching live:


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