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April 25, 2009

LOTD for April 25

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The conflicker virus has begun to attack PCs. The methodical way that the virus controllers are doing everything is pretty scary:

The swine flu spread includes 4 people being infected in San Diego county!

The World Health Organization says that the swine flu could spread quickly around the world and could develop into a pandemic. The 100 kids at a school in Queens who might have the swine flu is an indication of how quickly it can spread–they already had to close a school in Texas:

Instead of layoffs, this law firm offered all 1,300 of its associates the opportunity to take a year off for 1/3 of their base pay–the associate profiled in this story will take the $80k (that is 1/3 of her base pay!) and plans to teach English to monks in Sri Lanka and possibly help bring solar power to parts of the Himalayas:

I didn’t realize that Ayn Rand thought that health warnings about smoking were a socialist conspiracy…and that she died of lung cancer:

Cat adopted two puppies (their mother died when delivering them, nursing them, washing them with her tongue, and even teaching them to hunt mice:

Man spent two nights in jail because he used the bathroom in business class when the beverage cart blocked him from getting to the bathroom in coach. The FBI arrested him because the flight attendant and a witness said that he grabbed her arm and twisted it when she tried to keep him out of business class:

Russian man survived a fall out of a 5th-story window…twice in one night:,22049,25327819-5012895,00.html

Study found that a lot of teens call themselves vegetarians to hide their eating disorders–20% are binge eaters, and 20% to 25% use extreme weight-control measures such as taking diet pills or forcing themselves to vomit:,8599,1889742,00.html


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