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April 26, 2009

LOTD for April 26

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Federal officials declared a public health emergency because of the human swine flu:,0,7720836,full.story

Report from the Government Accountability Office really slammed the DoD’s Joint Non-lethal Weapons Program, pointing out problems with pretty much everything they have done…developing useless systems, fielding weapons without proper testing or adequate ammo, etc. For R&D it says that, “the Joint Non-lethal Weapons Program has conducted more than 50 research and development efforts and spent at least $386 million since 1997, but it has not developed any new weapons.”

Study found that we get the urge to scratch from our central nervous system, not from our skin or brain like some thought:,8599,1889750,00.html

Study of double amputees found right-handed people became left-handed, possibly because the brain may be more rigid on the hand that had been dominant in the men:

Drug takes away the fun of stealing away from kleptomaniacs–2/3 who took the drug stopped stealing and had little or no urge to steal, where only 8% of those who took the placebo stopped stealing:

Study found that people who grow up with at least one sister tend to be happier and more balanced than those who have only brothers. Girls apparently get families talking, helping them to bond and encouraging family members to reach their full potential:

Up to 1/3 of children living in inner-city housing have allergic asthma, with this study finding that the extremely high asthma rate is not due to dust mites or pollen…it is due to allergies to cockroaches:


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