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April 27, 2009

LOTD for April 27

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I was on hold again today, so I did the LOTD early. Plus, it is good to get the KFC news out to those who might not know about it.

FREE piece of grilled chicken today at participating KFCs – not sure if this is pretty much all of them but if you’re worried, call and verify with your location:

The US advised against going to Mexico due to swine flu worries, and an European Union official warned Europeans to stay away from Mexico *and* parts of the US:

Israeli guards onboard an Italian cruise ship fought off Somali pirates (who were on four boats around the ship) when they attempted to hijack the cruise ship. The Somali pirates opened fire at the ship (one cruise passenger estimated he saw 100 shots from one pirate’s automatic weapon) and attempted to climb up the sides of the ship, but the Israeli guards used their weapons plus fire hoses to ward off the pirates:

German scientists developed a technique to make silk tougher and lighter than steel and even more elastic than spider’s silk:

Military bases block official messages sent by the Army on Twitter, since they block all Twitter access

21 out of the 22 Navy bases inspected in the US were found to still not have developed an anti-terrorism plan, despite being directed to do so after 9/11:

Pres. Obama promises a major investment into science, with R&D spending increased to 3% of our GDP. This includes doubling the budgets for NSF, NIST, and DOE, and creating an ARPA for energy:
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Study found that the physics behind the perfect pizza toss can help the design of the next generation of micro motors (thinner than a human hair!):

President Obama will be soon be able to get full use from his BlackBerry 8830, even for data at the top secret classification level. Software developed by Genesis Key will result in any BlackBerry 8830 or Curve to be securely used for top secret data:

Apple and Verizon are in “high-level” discussions for bringing the iPhone to Verizon. This would be really, really bad for AT&T, so this could be a way for Apple to get better terms from AT&T. Of course, Verizon’s 80 million customers (and any AT&T iPhone customers who switch to Verizon for Verizon’s network) would need to buy new iPhones…so that would really boost Apple’s sales:

Samsung’s first Android-based phone was unveiled and it will be available in Europe in June:

The first Android-based netbook is going through final testing right now and should be introduced this summer for $250. Market experts are predicting that the combo of ARM and Android could quickly bring sub-$200 netbooks with 12-hour battery lives:

I think that it is great that Qualcomm and Broadcom have finally settled their IP disputes:

Clearwire signed deals with two WiMAX operators in Taiwan:

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak uses an iPhone of course…but he also uses a BlackBerry:

This author wanted to use his time productively during his daily commute on the train, so he ended up writing a 400-page novel using his smartphone over 2 years:


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