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April 29, 2009

LOTD for April 29

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From 5pm-10pm today you can buy scoops of ice cream at Baskin-Robbins for 31 cents per scoop and support the National Junior Firefighter Program. My family will be doing our part!

The World Health Organization raised the threat level for the swine flu and warned that a global flu pandemic was imminent:

Article about how travel bans won’t prevent a flu pandemic:

The flu vaccine might be able to be delivered through a patch–this would make it cheaper and would be great for people (like my kids) who hate shots:

The “red mercury” hoax (which said that it could be used to make nuclear bombs or find treasure) said to be contained in old Singer sewing machines resulted in wave of people in Saudi Arabia trying to buy them…they were paying $50,000 for old sewing machines!

Pakistan says that the US should give it control of UAVs and not stop keeping the UAVs classified:

Northrop bought the Killer Bee UAV line and will rename it the Bat:
Article link

The outgoing Pentagon acquisition czar strongly criticized the Air Force for refusing to budget for an autonomous landing capability for Predator UAVs, even though the Air Force has lost a significant number of Predators to landing accidents:

DARPA gave Lockheed a $400 million order for an airborne radar blimp:

Dutch flying car company is preparing for the market launch of its flying car:

IARPA is establishing a permanent site on the University of Maryland campus:,0,7946262.story

Sen. Specter leaving the GOP to join the Democrats could be pivotal in creating the first filibuster-proof majority in the Senate for 30 years. He’s been a Republican for 43 years (29 in the Senate), but he’s broken from his party for a number of votes in the past. It sounds like Joe Biden has a strong link with him and was key to convince him to switch political parties:

Palm might limit the initial shipment of Pre phones to less than 400,000, hoping to create a buzz when it gets out of stock quickly:

Google, Comcast, and Time Warner have plans to try to benefit from their investment in Clearwire, with Google planning to use some of Clearwire’s spectrum for “experiments”:{196F095B-8B47-444D-A616-0B2B892754DA}

I got an invitation to the LinkedIn-like Namyz and checked the website out–it looks like they have over a million users and they are going after the professional social networking niche. I was going to sign up until I read this review…it sure sounds like the site allows for stalking!

The browser wars continue: Firefox 3.5 vs. IE 8:

I never realized that MIT and Harvard sponsored the most college varsity sports teams this year! Sadly, the economy is forcing MIT to cut 8 of their 41 sports teams:,2933,517828,00.html


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